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Recipient of the NBA Coach of the Year 2006-07 award, Coach Mitchell says that accomplishing his goals was only part of the story; it was even more important to keep his dreams alive. Education, philanthropy and equality are at the core of his beliefs. “Everyone has unlimited potential and most people fail because they don’t even try. Have a dream and refuse to give in.” says the Coach.

About Project

  • Our company provides complete brand management services for Sam Mitchell We recently creating a bespoke awareness and branding campaign for Coach Mitchell that showcased his professional achievements, and the work he was doing through his foundation, the SAMARC Dream and Achieve Foundation for Children. The campaign would focus on building the Coach Sam Mitchell brand by focusing on his core beliefs in education, philanthropy and equality.
  • IMC organized and implemented a campaign that engaged star NBA athlete, Shaquille O’Neal, to help promote the SAMARC Dream and Achieve Foundation. This campaign helped young children at the foundation’s camp engage with and be inspired by a living legend. Through this social campaign, the young children and their parents were able to connect a positively influential experience with the SAMARC Foundation, its mission and value to their community.

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